Niels Strange

I am Professor in Management Planning of Forest and Nature at Forest&Landscape, University of Copenhagen. I am currently leading the Socio-economics & Biodiversity Group at FL, which is part of the Danish National Research Foundation Center CMEC (Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate,, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen. Since 2006 I have been the Director of the Erasmus Mundus Masters Programme Sustainable Forest and Nature Management ( SUFONAMA is a European education of excellence, which is coordinated by University of Copenhagen in cooperation with four other European Universities: University of Wales, Swedish Agricultural University, University of Padova and Georg-August University Göttingen. My main personal research interests focus on environmental economics and planning, environmental behaviour, and economics under uncertainty. In particular on climate change and environmental effects. I am also involved in a number of research projects concerning payments for environmental services, landowner behaviour and contract design, multi-criteria analysis, environmental economics, spatial planning under risk of calamities, and agent-based modelling. In my research and teaching career I have strived to mix my competences within quantitative as well as qualitative methods. I am coordinating research activities within these topics among a group of senior researchers, Post Docs and PhD-students.