Joseph William Bull

Dr Joseph Bull is a quantitative conservation scientist with an academic background in Ecology and Physics. Following a stint as a private-sector environmental consultant focusing on Ecology and Climate Change, he undertook a PhD at Imperial College London (2010–2014). He came to DICE in 2017 following completion of a Marie Curie H2020 postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and remains a visiting researcher at the University of Oxford.

Joseph is primarily interested in natural resource management within dynamic socio-ecological systems, particularly in relation to economic development activities. His research currently focuses on biodiversity offsetting and the implementation of ‘no net loss’ policies, which he has explored all over the world (particularly in Central Asia, Australia, North America and Europe). He has also studied the management and conservation of wild populations, including saiga antelope in Uzbekistan and wolves in Scandinavia.

In 2012 Joseph co-founded an ecological consultancy (Wild Business Ltd), which he continues to direct. The consultancy puts conservation research into practice, particularly around the themes of ‘no net loss’ biodiversity and rewilding policies.