José J. Lahoz-Monfort

I am a Senior Lecturer in Ecological Modelling in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group (QAECO) at the University  of Melbourne. In this page you can find a bit about my background.

I have a general interest in wildlife monitoring techniques, demography and population dynamics, the study ofspecies distributions, and the statistical methods that underpin these areas. But of course, always keeping in mind the ultimate step: how these feed into the decision-making process for biodiversity conservation and management so that the allocation of the often scarce conservation resources can be optimized. Pressing conservation problems have to be solved in an efficient way, making the best decisions in the light of available knowledge, and cleverly choosing what new information can be useful for achieving our targets!

As an engineer, I am fascinated by the potential of new and emerging technologies to revolutionise the way we collect data about species and habitats. Making the best of this opportunity requires building new bridges with other disciplines and key players, including the Industry. I’m committed to helping move this agenda forward! I’m especially keen in the idea of open-platform collaborative technology development, which I am convinced has an important role to play in enabling the broad-scale intake of technological advances in Conservation and Ecology.

I am an Associate Editor for the journal Diversity & Distributions and Subject Matter Editor (Emerging technologies) for the ESA journal Ecosphere.